Evolis half YMCKOKO N7H006NAA Ribbon
Product Code: YMCKOKO N7H006NAA

Description :

This Evolis Riboon For 250 Prints Is Mainly Design For Evolis Primacy Pvc Smart Aadhaar Card Printing, Printer Recognize The Ribbon Automatically Like, When The Ribbon Is Nearing Its End, An Alert Is Displayed On-screen. In This Way, You Can Anticipate For Your Next Printing When Installing The Ribbon, The Evolis Primacy Card Printer Instantly Identifies The Ribbon And Automatically Initiates A Calibration Process That Allows Printouts With Optimal Quality Gives 250 Prints Our Color Ribbons Apply A Protective Varnish Onto Your Cards, To Retain A High Quality Of Image Despite Its Frequent Use Is Ideal For Only Evolis Zenius And Primacy Card Printers This Process Makes It Possible To Optimize The Quality Of Printed Images And Logos With A 300 Dpi Resolution That Guarantees Expert Presentation The Ribbon Is Placed In A Cartridge, For A One Shot Installation With This Recognition System That Is Unique To Evolis High Trust, The User Knows Exactly How Much Of The Ribbon Capacity Is Remaining, As This Information Is Readily Available From The Print Center On The Pc The Blister Packaging Is In Pet So It Is As Well Recyclable As A Water Bottle, And The Cartridge Is Made Of Recycled Material Brand, Evolis Printed Cards Can, Therefore, Be Used For Up To 3 Years Evolis Card Printers Offer Professional Printing With The Superimposition Of The 3 Primary Colors (yellow, Magenta And Cyan) To Add More Depth And Crispness To An Image.

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