Mantra Bio Time 5
Product Code: Bio Time5


BioTime5 is a multi functional terminal works for many applications like Time Attendance, Access Control etc. Most prominent function for this terminal is a online data transfer which can transfer data on LAN/WAN or Internet. Excellent matching algorithm and low cost makes it a most user friendly and famous terminal of Mantra.


LCD screen with big blue background with black characters
LCD Resolution is 128 x 64 pixels
FAR is less than 0.00001%
FRR is less than 0.001%
User capacity is 1,000
Transaction capacity is 50,000
Identification speed is less than 1 second
Intelligent self-learning feature
Scratchproof Optical sensor
Supports multiple languages
High Quality voice
Touch Keypad

Specifications :

TCP/IP Communication Options
USB Pen Drive Backup Options
5V DC Power Supply
Size: 188 x 139 x 50

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