Product Code: BP-JOY


          Introducing WeP BP-JOY Thermal billing printer in WeP's Retail Billing Printers category.WeP BP range is India's largest selling billing printer with more than 80000+ Installations and still growing at an unbelievable fast pace.Our happy customers include Bakeries,Hotels,Restaurants,Fast Food Chains,Juice and Ice cream parlors,Coffee Shops,Canteens,Vending machine Chains,Kirana Shops etc.


1.Prints upto 1000 bills/day

2.Standalone Billing printer,works without a PC

3.Thermal billing Technology

4.Stores up to 700 items

5.2 inch bill printout-Prints quickly

6.Generates 8 kinds of reports

7.Round of option-50 paisa/1 Rupee

8.Price change

9.Generate Daily,Monthly and Yearly sales Report

Your Benefits:

1.Faster Billing due to Thermal Printing Technology

2.Helps in Tallying Cash

3.Saves Time

Technical Specifications:

1.Print Speed           10 bills in a minute

2.Printable width     2 inches width

3.paper type             Thermal roll paper

4.Paper width           2 inches width

5.Power                     220VAC,47-53 Hz

6.Dimension             127mm*142mm*242mm

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