EParakh Single Iris Scanner Model EPI 1000 with Rd Service
Product Code: EPI-1000

Name eParakh Iris Scanner Model EPI-1000 Device Category Single eye Capture.The simplest form of Iris capturing device which is hygienic to use, as captures iris images from distance,easy to operate and use by end users using an optional capturing and which provides iris images of exceptional quality compliant to ISO/IEC 19794-6 standards for both enrollment and verification.The devices offer light weight IP 54 casing for outstanding durability and strength.

Product Description:

Form Factor                                   Handheld

Warranty                                        1 Year

Communication                            Mini USB

Power Source                                USB BUS Power

Language                                        English

Certifications                                  IP66

Condition                                        New

Weight                                             50 gm

Frequency Mode                            EPI-1000

Model No                                        EPI-1000

Body Material                                Plastic

Operating system                         Windows,Android,Linux,Ubuntu

Minimum order quantity            1

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