I.            ORDER CONFIRMATION

All orders placed in the web site will be shipped only after confirmation from Safe solution (by an e-mail sending). Safe solution has the right to cancel or defer in whole or in part the orders because of the impossibility to supply the goods. These cases relieve us of the obligations previously entered into with the acceptance of the order and exclude any claims for damages. Delivery terms have to be considered as indicative. Safe solution is not obliged to pay a compensation for any direct or indirect damages due to delivery delays or interruption of the supply. The average timing of delivery should not exceed 30 days (if the stock is available)


The applicable Price is the one published in the web site at the time the orders have been placed by the customers. The price does not include shipping costs. Safe solution may request that the Customers bear part of the shipping costs, being understood that such amount will depend on the kind of delivery, the quantity of shipped products, the volume, the weight and the destination. The part of the shipping costs to be borne by the customers is indicated separately from the price, and shall be paid by the customers jointly with the payment of the price.


Products will be delivered in the countries with a courier chosen by Safe solution. Delivery time changes according to the place of destination. You could ask the tracking of your shipment by writing an email to safe solution. We advise the customer to check the number and good condition of the packages; otherwise the dispute should be done immediately to the courier. The customer will draw regular verbal acceptance for any deficiencies and damages before accepting the goods. Complaints relating to the shipment or delivery of goods and its quality and quantity should be strictly carried out not later than seven days from the date of arrival of goods. In case of shortages or damage claims for the products, the same will be accepted only if accompanied by a copy of the consignment note where all the complaints are written. Complaints concerning invoices shall be strictly communicated not later than fifteen days from the date of arrival of the document. Any complaints or disputes regarding a single consignment of goods shall not relieve the customer from the obligation to withdraw the remaining amount of goods.

    IV.            PAYMENTS

The mode of payment you may choose is bank transfer.

      V.            RIGHT TO WITHDRAW

The customer may return the goods to the seller within 10 days of receipt of the goods and can receive a refund of the price within 30 days from the receipt of the registered letter with return receipt. The communication can be sent by mail and it has to be confirmed by the registered letter with return receipt within 48 hours (excluding during holidays). Such notification must include the product codes you intend to return, and all details for the reimbursement (bank transfer, etc.). Obviously the product must be returned to the seller in conditions of substantial integrity. Safe solution undertakes to reimburse the price in the shortest time possible after checking the integrity of the item returned. All the shipping charges connected to the return of the products are entirely borne by the customers. Should the customers not exercise the right to withdraw in accordance with terms and conditions, shall have no right to the reimbursement. Any possible flaw and defect of the products must be communicated by the customers directly to the producer, contacting the concern person in Safe solution. In this way the customer can present the claim and obtain the authorization to return the product. Should the customer not follow the instructions mentioned above, Safe solution cannot accept the return of the product.