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Product Code: Bio Time 4

Biometric Attendance | Mantra Attendance Bio Time 4 systems. 

Biometric Attendance online. Integrate HR Management with biometric time attendance systems. Buy Mantra Bio Time 4 automatic time attendance @safesolutions.

BioTime4 is a full-featured lowest cost device with the excellent matching speed of around 1000 fingers per second. BioTime8 has achieved lowest FAR and FRR in a testing as compared to other 8 devices available in the industry. Traditional USB Pen drive backup are now susceptible to virus and other spyware so BioTime4 comes with an SD card facility which is used only for BioTime4 backup/restores and data transfer options. So making it the most secure device available in the market.
LCD screen with big blue background with black characters
LCD Resolution is 128 x 64 pixels
FAR is less than 0.00001%
FRR is less than 0.001%
User capacity is 1000
Transaction capacity is 30000
Identification speed is less than 1 second
Intelligent self-learning feature
Scratch proof optical sensor
Supports multiple languages
High-quality voice
Low cost
1000 user capacity; 30000 Transactions
Self-learning feature
TCP/IP, USB, SD Card backup options

USB to PC, TCP/IP communication options

SD Card backup options

5V DC power supply

Size : 188 x 139 x 50


One year manufacturer warranty

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